Environmental & Ethical

We do our part

Environmental & Ethical

We are both passionate and extremely conscious of the environment impact that business has on the planet. We have a longstanding commitment to working with suppliers on improving manufacturing conditions and minimizing negative impacts to workers, local communities and the environment.

All our clothing suppliers and manufacturers are WRAP compliant, SEDEX certified & ISO rated, these are some of the highest standards in terms of ethics, labour regulations, safety and reduction in environmental impact. Every supplier must comply with our Code of Conduct.

We have many practical ways of reducing our carbon footprint:

  • We use recycled metal to make our medals where possible
  • We use sea shipping Vs air shipping where possible
  • Boxes from our suppliers are reused in the warehouse where possible
  • All Cardboard, plastic, cans and paper are recycled
  • Sustainable & recycled products are used throughout our supply chain where possible
  • Customers are discouraged from individually packing goods
  • We take unused medals from events and send for recycling
  • Recycled polyester is used where possible
  • Organic cotton is used where possible
  • We offer shorter lead times allowing customers to give more accurate numbers to reduce waste

All our medals are now made from Recycled Metal!

Recycled polyester T-shirts now available made from Recycled Plastic Bottles!

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